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TES Skyrim - Epic Dubstep Trailer by [Squirrel montage]

With players clocking their weekly game sessions with Skyrim, we bring you these awesome Skyrim related videos to watch while you take a break.

The first video by Youtube user Mr.CrazyBelko (who makes some amazing mashup videos on his channel) features the song Audiomachine - Guardians At The Gate (Access Denied Dubstep Edit) with an awesome montage of Skyrim, pre-release videos. Granted it's a medival-fantasy game, but music like this could really set the pace for some epic Dragon battles.

The second is a fan made trailer of the game in live action, posted by youtube user LuizartTV. These kind of videos are what Playbo is all about, going beyond the love for the game and recreating that experience in mind blowing ways. Major props to the time and effort they've spent on these videos and to their initiative and creativity.